Size: 3"x75'


Pixiu's Joist Tape provides a superior and efficient joist protection solution that incorporates embedded reinforcement. Pixiu's Joist Tape contains no asphalt or asphalt derived materials. Pixiu's Joist Tape is VOC free and has anti-mold properties. 



Pixiu's Joist Tape provides excellent long term performance and unmatched physical properties via a proprietary reinforced polypropylene membrane. The embedded reinforcement provides the inherent strength and physical properties to ensure long term performance.



Pixiu's Adhesive provides excellent bond strength to numerous construction surfaces including wood, metal and concrete. The product does not set, leaves no residue upon removal, and requires pressure for initial adherence.



- Pixiu's Joist Tape meets and exceeds major industry standards 

-Non-porous adhesive allows for a variety of applicable substrates

- Unparalelled quality control - Spectral analysis is completed on every run to ensure product integrity 

- Excellent dimensional stability 


Pixiu's Joist Tape complies with ASTM D 5486 &AAMA 711-13 standards.

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