Our decking product, Fatrafol 814, is the culmination of a top quality PVC formulation combined with European design. Fatra has been manufacturing PVC since the 1950s and their global manufacturing experitse is showcased with this decking product.

Available in numerous colors and thickness ranging from 50mil-100mil, the product is fiberglass reinforced to allow for excellent dimensional stability while providing some of thickest protection layers available in the industry. With a full line of decking membranes, accessories, and flashings, Pixiu has your decking needs covered. 

Combine our decking membranes with our available peel & stick technology, and you will provide your business with the competitive advantage it needs to succeed moving into the future.


1. Weather Molding

2. Membrane welding band, if needed

3. Separation or Coverboard

4.  Decking Substrate

5. Parapet flashing

6. Decking membrane

7. Anchoring element, if needed

8. Vinyl clad flashing