How do I get a sample of your products?

You can complete this form if you are a contractor or distributor. 

What if ordering online is scary?

We are more than happy to old school your order. Please feel free to call us at 877-752-4565 or email us at, and we can provide assistance. Our office is open from 8:30am EST - 4:30pm EST, and our store is open 24/7/365.


Who is my local rep?

We have local representation throughout North America, please contact us at to find your local rep. 

Who is Pixiu again?

Pixiu was founded by the Chaplin family in 1998. With over 100 years of coated fabric experience, the Chaplin family has been making PVC since before you were born. The family owned the largest supplier of PVC products in Canada before turning their attention to Pixiu in 2012. Today, Pixiu continues to drive the PVC into new markets and industries while upholding a quality and client first attitude.

Can I get a warranty?

Definitely, all of our products come with a standard no-charge membrane warranty.

Can I get a more comprehensive roofing warranty?

If you need a more comprehensive roofing warranty, you will need to become a Pixiu Approved Contractor. To become approved you need to completed Pixiu's Contractor Application.

Once approved, you need to complete & submit the Warranty Request Form for any project & warranty beyond a standard membrane warranty. If there are any issues with your request, we will obviously alert you to any inconsistencies.

What if I need my warranty in a hurry?

No problem, we can do that. Please alert us or your rep.

How long does it take to get my order?

That all depends on where your order is shipping. The map below should give you a general idea. Please contact us if you'd like expedited or overnight shipping options.

How & when will my order ship?

Smaller items will ship via a standard courier, such as Fed Ex. Larger orders with ship via Van Trailer. If you require a flatbed or other shipping arrangements please contact us directly. Standard shipment orders will most likely ship on the same business day as your order, obviously dependent on the time your order is placed. Our cutoff for overnight shipments is 12pm EST. Overnight order requests placed after 12pm EST may ship the following day.


How do I pay for my order?

You can pay via credit card when you check out, or you can apply for credit with Pixiu and place orders on your account. There is an option to place an order on your account when you check-out. To apply for credit with Pixiu, please complete and send us a Credit Application. If the order is placed on your account, we will send you an invoice. Our standard payment terms are 2% 10 days, net 30.