60mil QuikRoof Peel & Stick PVC Roll



QuikRoof Peel & Stick PVC is engineered with Pixiu's advanced and flexible MAT (Molecular Adhesive Technology) bond for a versatile installation on even the toughest projects. The product includes 69" of adhesive coverage on a 72" sheet, this allows for the ease of a Peel & Stick application while still allowing a 3" salvage edge for the seams to be heat welded. QuikRoof has been tested to uplift pressures over 100psf.

This product is excellent for full substrate coverage in lieu of adhesives, or with targeted usage on parapet walls or other applicable flashings.

QuikRoof sticks to almost any surface, including: metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, PVC & TPO roofs, EPDM roofs, and smooth asphalt roofs.

QuikRoof Sell Sheet

Roll size = 72" x 72'

Pallet = 8 rolls in a cube package (3,456 ft2 in total or 3,312 ft2 of coverage)

Per ft2 pricing = $1.65 / ft2

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